Psychotherapy & Counselling for Adolescents and Adults In Enniscorthy, Co.Wexford and Online

About Katherine

Katherine Crampton B.A. H.Dip. Ed., M.Sc., M.I.A.H.I.P

Katherine is an accredited member of the Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy (IAHIP) and follows this associations’ Code of Ethics and Practice. She is also registered with the Irish Council of Psychotherapy(ICP), the umbrella organisation for the various modalities of psychotherapy in Ireland.

Katherine’s qualifications include a Professional Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy (Tivoli Institute, Dunlaoighre), a Diploma in Relational Gestalt Therapy (Dublin Gestalt Centre) and a Master of Science Degree in Adolescent Psychotherapy, (Dublin Counselling and Therapy Centre in association with the University of Northampton).

Katherine has extensive training and professional experience working in the areas of sexual trauma and adolescent psychotherapy. In addition to this, Katherine has worked in education with adolescents within post primary settings for the past two decades.

What does psychotherapy with Katherine involve?

• A supportive and confidential relationship process

• A relational and holistic approach which addresses the psychological, emotional, physical, sexual and spiritual dimensions of human experience.

• A space to explore, understand and deal with difficulties and challenges

• An opportunity to reflect on individual lived experience so as to increase self-awareness, build resources and maximise ones’ own potential.

• Work with adolescents can also involve parenting strategy work and joint parent-adolescent work as well as one to one work with adolescents.

About humanistic and integrative psychotherapy

Humanistic and integrative psychotherapy emphasises a hopeful view of human beings and of their ability to be self- determining. It believes that individuals are fundamentally responsible for themselves and, whilst recognising the tragic dimensions of human existence, it emphasises the ability of persons to go beyond themselves and realise their true nature. It seeks to assist people who are in crisis and/or are searching for meaning and purpose in life. Humanistic and integrative psychotherapy encourages the distinctly human qualities of choice and creativity. It recognises that we are strongly influenced by forces in society and in the unconscious, and some of these are negative and destructive. At the same time, it believes in the independent dignity and worth of individual human beings and their conscious capacity to develop personal competence and self-respect.

– IAHIP Website

Through the counselling and psychotherapy process clients are offered the support to safely explore and understand thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviours that may be impacting their lives negatively. Often events that originate in the past affect people in their present lives. The process of psychotherapy facilitates the deep exploration that is required to connect with, gain insight into and allow integration of different parts of ourselves.

Psychotherapy provides clients with an opportunity for personal growth and increased choicefulness in their lives as well as an empathic witness to their pain
and suffering.


Katherine offers 60 minute appointments which are ideally scheduled at the same time and day each week or fortnight. Regular and consistent appointments allow the relationship between the therapist and client to develop and for the client to gain a deeper understanding of their experiences. 

Work with adolescent clients may be scheduled less frequently and may involve parenting strategy appointments from time to time

Adolescent Psychotherapy

Adolescence is a critical stage within a person’s development and is often overlooked. Katherine has specialist training in psychotherapeutic approaches to working developmentally with adolescents.


Counselling and psychotherapy is a totally confidential service in almost all situations. However, it is important to make clear that there are certain circumstances in which legal and ethical obligations must be considered in relation to confidentiality, such as in relation to child protection legislation. Confidentiality and the limits to confidentiality will be explained to clients in the first session.